Clean Earth Partners is dedicated to supporting the world's business community in promoting a synergy between economy and sustainability by harnessing new ventures and breakthrough technologies.
Business leaders increasingly recognize that the world community faces accelerating environmental problems and diminishing natural resources required to sustain the quality of human life.  Waste produced in an industrialized world threatens the environment, even as the potential for valuable by-products goes unrecognized into growing landfills.  Declining energy reserves - and the geopolitical issues created - point to the critical need for new solutions.  So too does the reality of global warming.
Clean Earth Partners provides the following services:

> Identifies new technologies that produce economic benefit and environmental sustainability.

> Connects business leaders with new technologies that have the potential for economic value.

> Consults with organizations seeking to organize goals and objectives to support a dual mission
of environmental and economic benefit.

> Develops strategic branding for new ventures applying technologies related to the environment
and resource use and reuse.   

> Builds communications programs to support global branding and marketing programs.

> Builds and sustains international marketing networks.

A total recovery vision


Biomass Cellulose plant in Anaheim, California
Clean Earth Partners engages with developers of new technologies supporting the synergy between economy and sustainability, as well as organizations chartered to promote environmental programs and related ventures.

Environmental Marketing
Clean Earth Partners provides a full range of environmental marketing solutions, including strategic brand development, global communications, and supporting events.  We take a rigorous approach to developing and executing strategies that integrate marketing and communications disciplines for greatest impact. 
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